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ages 6-7

Wednesdays 9/13-12/6 (off 11/22) 4:00-5:00 PM

Music Makers at the Keyboard lays the groundwork for keyboard success. The activities foster pride and excitement in making music both independently and with others.
The curriculum approaches music reading both aurally and visually. The aural method emphasis helps students build a natural bridge to reading and maintains a holistic approach to music learning. In addition to playing the piano, students will participate in dancing and drumming to nurture the child’s rhythmic development, singing to nurture the child’s tonal development, echoing patterns to nurture the child’s aural development, and composing and musical dictation to nurture the child’s literacy skills and development.

Instructor: Michelle Trefren

TO REGISTER OFFLINE: Call us at 717-261-1220 opt. 1 or print & mail the registration form with payment.

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