Your tax-deductible contribution will help insure that we are able to provide the highest quality music and arts education to those who desire and deserve to learn to play an instrument, take voice lessons, or participate in theatrical productions. CVSM also offers outreach programs for all ages- from newborn to the elderly – made available to the entire community. These include summer camps and workshops for low income and at-risk children.

CVSM is well-positioned to continue to teach and entertain our community for years to come, but your generous support is essential for us to do so. With your partnership, CVSM programs can continue to educate and delight Cumberland Valley communities, and the students who require scholarship assistance can continue their music and arts study without significant hardship.

Most of CVSM tuition income goes directly to the instructor.  Any remaining tuition revenue helps to cover our general operating expenses. With an average student base of over 750 students, 50 faculty members and 6 administrative staff to run the programs, and operating from six locations in the Cumberland Valley, CVSM expenses continue to grow.

Support Music Education. Encourage Success.

  • Exposure to music benefits a child’s reading age, IQ and the development of certain areas of the brain;
  • Music education teaches diligence, discipline and cooperation;
  • Music is a form of creative self-expression – a way of communicating with others on a deeper level across culture, ethnicity, Language and geography;
  • Music makes us healthier – significantly reducing anxiety, depression and loneliness, thereby lowering stress and stimulating the immune system; and
  • Whether performing, dancing or listening, music generates joy and enhances the quality of our lives.

Your financial contributions are so important and so greatly appreciated!

You can make a difference!

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